SolLight Lightcap Lets Your Bottle Light Up In The Dark

If camping in the wood or jungle is your favorite sport, then you should have equipped yourself with this handy SolLight Lightcap.


SolLight’s Lightcap 300 is a double-purpose gadget that will store 1 liter of water while providing a great emergency lamp for your camping. The SolLight Lightcap is a BPA free bottle that features a wide mouth for convenient pouring, drinking and cleaning.

SolLight is also properly equipped with a mini solar panel on the cap, 4 LED bulbs under the cap and a waterproof battery built-in the cap. SolLight Lightcap can be used as a great substitution of candle, gas lamps or other light source that might become pretty dangerous for your camping. The SolLigh Lightcap can be conveniently snugged into your camping bag, or beneath your mountain bike.



SolLight Lightcap 300 will cost $35 including the bottle, however, you can save $10 if you have 2-inch bottle by getting the Cap for $25 only.

[via SolLight, Inventorspot]

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