World’s First Eco-Friendly LightBulb With Motion Sensor

Taking about motion sensing, we have seen some solar lights have this features. However, on a light bulb? Eco Light bulb? Well, it’s the first time we heard about that.


This is the ESCO Sensor Lamp (according to RedFerret), the world’s first CFL bulb that gets a motion sensing features. It will automatically detect movement in its range and turn the light on/off when someone approaches the ‘viewing zone’ of the sensor.This could be a great feature, but it can be also a big downside.

You can’t possibly use this lamp in the reading room where the lamp will only detect any reasonable movement when you flip your pages. If there is no movement detected, the lamp will auto shut down and you’ll be reading in the dark! :)

However, this Lightbulb with motion sensor is very suitable for use in your patio, or your doorstep where you can find key easily at the night. Just move close to the door and the light will on, and once you’ve enter to your house the light will shut off.

Very practically, and it can continue shining for 8000 hours, or abour 20,000 on/off cycles. This Motion sensing light bulb is going to cst your Price: £15.98 / Euro17.58 / $22.3 USD.

Find more information at KJGlobal.

[via Craziest Gadgets]

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