iControlPad – A Gamepad That Transform iPhone/iPod Touch Into A Handheld Game Console

For you who choose to play game with your iPhone or iPod Touch, this iControlPad might be an interesting addons for you. iControlPad is a new accessory for iPod Touch or iPhone that turn this device into a portable handheld game console complete with with the buttons, D-Pad, and analog sticks.


The iControlPad has a proper clip holder where you can push-in your iPhone / iPod Touch to the provided compartment, and two side clips will hold it firmly in landscape mode. The communication between iControlPad and your iPhone/iPod is via a sync cable that built-in seamlessly on this new gaming peripheral.

Looks pretty cool, kind of like a PSP system with advanced touchscreen interface. The iControlpad is rumored to be available soon, but we have no pricing details yet on this gaming gadget for iPhone and iPod Touch.

[iControlPad via Crave, CG]

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