Interesting High-Tech PaperCrafts For The Dead From Hong Kong

Burning paper money or paper car for the one who’ve left this world is very popular in Chinese culture, especially in Hong Kong that has a strong believe that the dead one can receive anything you send by burning them together with their name. Simply put, it’s similar like us sending email or postal mail to our friend with their name or email address written at the item/envelope.


Au Yeung Ping Chi, which is one of the “Dead” merchandise sellers in Hong Kong is very creative to in creating unique papercrafts for this purpose. He has created a cool looking DSLR camera, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSi, iPhone and other cool stuff that you can find it in their store only. Kind of exclusive items for the dead one!



If you have ever seen some old Hong Kong Ghost movies, you might have ever seen they are burning human paper, car, bridge or villa. That’s certainly a common one until now. However, DSLR, game console and iPhone is certainly new and I believe the family of the dead one would interested to buy Au Yeung Ping Chi and ‘deliver’ these stuffs to friends/family in the other world so they can have fun with what’s we already had in this world.

[via CNNGo and TheAwesomer]

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