Badass 36 Cube Developed By MIT Dr. Derrick Niederman

36-cube-puzzleIf Rubik’s Cube isn’t your toys anymore (and you’ve even done your free fall speed-cubing), then here is another real change that is pretty badass.

Developed by Dr. Derrick Niederman from MIT, the 36 Cube is a new puzzle game that children may want to avoid playing this stuff before getting crazy and pulling hairs out of the head.

Sudoku is hunky-dory but we like solving something we can get our mitts around. After all, hurling a tangible object across the room is far more satisfying than stabbing paper with a biro. Maybe that’s why we love 36 Cube. Why you little…

A 3D take on Sudoku, this multi-award-winning puzzle will have you gripped in seconds, infuriated for hours and riveted for life. The idea is to place all 36 towers onto its skyline-style base to form a level cube. Sounds easy but the towers vary in height, as do the bits on the base, and you can’t repeat the same colour in any single row or column. Hmmm…


36 Cube Puzzle Features:

  • Nearly impossible puzzle to solve
  • Like a 3D Sudoku
  • Invented by Dr. Derrick Niederman of MIT
  • Based on Euler’s 36 officer problem
  • Single player game
  • 36 blocks to play in 6 varying heights and 6 colours
  • Win by placing all 36 pieces correctly following just two rules:
  • There must be only one of each coloured tower in each row and column
  • The towers must fit into the base to form a perfectly smooth cube
  • It seems easy at first but is really, really hard to win!

Dare to take the challenge? Okay, this 36 Cube puzzle is currently in stock at Firebox. But I have to warn you beforehand. Though it looks ridiculous simple looking and it’s a £19.99 toy, this stuff is really a BADASS TOY. :)

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