Elecom Outs OBSIDIAN And RECT PC Mouse


New computer mouse (mice) has been rolled out by Elecom and they are known as the OBSIDIAN and RECT. Each model has a handful of color choices (six of them) and both model are separated by their functionality. Start with the RECT, this mouse is a common wired optical mouse with cool design and will function as a normal mouse without any extraordinary feature. Meanwhile, the Elecom OBSIDIAN is obviously better because it’s a wireless mouse with 5-customizable buttons.

The customizable buttons will be controlled via a software that come along the package. The Elecom OBSIDIAN wireless Mouse is working on 2.4GHz frequency with range up to 10 meters (depend on the mouse pad) and you are required to hook up a tiny USB receiver to your PC/laptop before it can work properly. Elecom OBSIDIAN is also having a better sensitivity at 1200dpi (compared to 1000dpi on RECT) and the mouse is compatible on both PC and Mac.

Elecom RECT wired mouse will cost 3,100 Yen and 3,255 Yen after taxes, while Elecom OBSIDIAN will cost 5,400 Yen or 5,670 Yen after taxes.

[via Elecom]

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