Advanced Protection Digital DeadBolt Lock – Let You Leave Your Home In Peace


Thinkgeek has a new item called Advance Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock that is a new security lock with advance protection system. Beside the lock is pickproof, any harsh attempts (kicks, sawing, hammering, prying) to open the door would be useless unless you’ve got the certified keys or passcode.


The Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock is pickproof protection for your home. It’ll withstand all sorts of picking attempts from rogues and other unlawful or chaotic types. Got a housemate that constantly loses their key? Give them a passcode instead. (If they lose their mind, that’s THEIR problem, not yours.) Tag Keys can also be used to gain entry and are easily deleted from the system and rendered useless if one is lost or stolen.

The auto-lock function is peace of mind for folks who always forget to lock the door. It can be deactivated for folks like us who have been known to both forget their passcode AND their keys. The best part? The Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock can be installed without wires on any standard door with only a Phillips screwdriver.

Protect your hoard of goodies with the best lock possible. (At least until you petition the city to allow house dragons.)


The Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock is only $279.99 per lock. If you want one you can find it at Thinkgeek.

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