Anti-Aging Goggles – Old Fashioned Way To Tighting Skin

Want to remove your face’s wrinkles using an old-fashioned way? If so, check out this anti-aging goggles made by creative (and old-fashioned) Japanese that will help you massage your face’s skin and tighten the skin without medication.


This is the Mejikara goggle, at the opposite side of the goggle there are specially designed ridges that will stick to your skin, ‘grab’ it and then using the two-direction rubber bands to pull the skin up to the scalp. I believe, beside tightening your skin, it can actually make your eyes bigger, as big as the anime / cartoon character from Japan… Oh, what a wacky gadget.

What? You want one? If you do not mind to look like a dork wearing this goggle, you can have it for $48 at JapanTrendShop. Don’t blame me if you can’t get any obvious result. :)

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