Go Dual SIM On iPhone 4 With Dual SIM Adapter Case

If you have ever thought about having dual SIM cards installed in your iPhone 4, then this Dual SIM Adapter case is pretty much a ‘dreams come true’. The Dual SIM Adapter case is designed to give you the ability to slot-in another SIM card in addition to the existing micro SIM on your iPhone 4.


The iPhone 4 Dual SIM Adapter Case has a thin ribbon that you have to inserts into the micro SIM slot in your iphone 4 and the ribbon will hook up with the Dual SIM adapter holder that you can place another SIM card to the provided slot.

This Dual SIM adapter case is compatible with iPhone 4 firmware 4.0.0 to firmware 4.0.2 and according to the sales page, you have no need to turn off your iPhone 4 to switch between two cards. All you have to do is to wait a few minutes until you’ve seen the proper information of the SIM card appear in your iPhone 4 screen.

This iPhone 4 Dual SIM adapter case is going to cost you $28.99 only. If you are interested, get one from USB fever. However, they cannot guarantee that the SIM card will work due to the network complexity.

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