New Apple iPod Shuffle Is Getting The Buttons Again!


The Apple special event has also unveiled the new iPod Shuffle that has the mix design of the predecessors – 1G and 2G. The iPod Shuffle is now getting back the buttons that existed in 1st Generation, and Apple is mixing the 2nd Gen of iPod Shuffle – VoiceOver technology where it gave users the possibility to find and enjoy their music without ever looking at their iPod shuffle.


The new iPod Shuffle also featured Genius Mixes, which is a feature that will automatically creates mixes from songs in the user’s music library and let us rediscover music that we have, but seldom listen to lately.

As for the physical changes, the new iPod Shuffle featuring the clip-on clip similar to its predecessor and the new iPod Nano, 50% lighter design, up to 50% more battery at 15 hours of audio playback and it can be fully-recharged under 3 hours. The iPod Shuffle will be available in 2GB size for $49, and in 5-cheerful color series including silver, blue, green, orange and pink.


As for the VoiceOver technology, there is a special button on the top of the iPod Shuffle. The technology can speak in 25 different languages, let you know what’s song is playing right now, and it can even alert you when the battery is running out.

[Apple iPod Shuffle via Coated, Apple Insider]

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