Skitterbot Bug Robots – The Fast Crawling Demon Robots

If you interested in collecting new and unique R/C Toys, then you should check out this new bug robot called Skitterbot.


It’s a small bug, dressed in red or blue crystal gem with two burning red (or blue) eyes shining through the semi-transparent shell. The Skittebot can crawl like a real bug and it’s really fast! It can turn left or right, can run thrusting forward or moving backward like a real 6-legs beetle. Those little legs can travel 1 foot long in just 1 second!

The Skitterbot Bug Robot is coming with a 5 functions remote control, and it could be used as the recharger. There is a USB connector head at the remote control for charging directly on your PC or via USB outlet. Each charge cost 30-minutes, worth 15-minutes of play time. If you want to own one, head on over to Amazon to get it for $26.99 only.

[via Technabob]

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