Stealth Unveils KYBX-400 – The Industrial Grade Rugged Keyboard With Stainless Steel Enclosure

Stealth KYBX-400 keyboard is designed for use in the extreme environment/condition (military, war zone, etc) where it’s often will be bumped, knocked, splashed with liquid or area with low level of light and it’s sealed to NEMA 4, 4X and IP65 specifications.


The Stealth KYBX-400 has been properly housed in a sturdy and rugged stainless steel enclosure to ensure any type of light/medium bumps won’t break the keyboard apart, and a waterproof features to prevent the keyboard from electrolyzing users when splashed with water.

The keyboard also features a NVIS-compliant red adjustable backlighting to let you see the keyboard in the dark, and it featured 71 full-travel keys with silent keys input and tactile feedback. To the right side, you would also get a 38mm 800dpi optical trackball that is also sealed to IP65 specification and the click buttons which has been transformed into a keyboard keys at the lower side.



It certainly useful, but this rugged keyboard is not made for home-usage. And the most important part is, this rugged keyboard will cost you $695 USD to get one. Unless it’s for use in factory or war zone, it’s unlikely you’ll need one.

[via TechFresh]

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