Quincy Jones’ Harman Signature Headphones

These Harman Signature Headphones is taking the big name of Quincy Jones, the American music conductor, record producer, musical arranger, film composer, television producer, and trumpeter. There are three models introduced, The Q701 heapdhones, Q460 foldable mini headphones and Q350 in-ear headphones.


The Q701 model is the best one that capable of delivering accurate sound reproduction and kickin’ bass effect. While the other two models, Q460 and Q350 is a lower-end model that both compatible with iPhone and they has an in-line mics and romote control.



These set of headphones are not just bearing the name of Quincy Jones, even Jones himself has stated: This is the best quality sound I’ve heard in headphones, ever. And I’m proud my name is on them.

Sounds cool for a damn popular person to bet his name on an equipment. This should worth the way if you are an audiophiles. Quincy Jones’ Harman Signature Headphones is going to be available for $480 (Q701), $230 (Q460) and $150 (Q350) starting this October 2010.

[AKG via Gizmodo]

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