Speck Rolls Out Limited Edition Of Artsprojekt Cases For iPhone 4

Speck has done it on the iPhone 3GS version, and now they’ve done it again on the iPhone 4 model. They’ve rolled out the usual Limited Edition of nicest case design called Artsprojekt Case for the iPhone 4. This time, the design is very bold, artistic, colorful and beautiful. All printed on a soft fabric which has been fused together with Speck “Fitted Artsprojekt” hard-case.


From the luminescence of Nikolai Larin’s “Night City,” to auditory memories conjured by Smirap Designs’ “A Tribute to Music” to the romance of Mimi Yoon’s “Stone” to the graphic world of “Fatigue” by McBess, these original limited edition works of art provide Best Buy customers with iPhone 4 case designs that Speck knows will match their unique styles and tastes.


This Limited Edition of Speck Fitted Artsprojekt iPhone 4 case is going to cost you $39.95 and the case is exclusive to Best Buy only.

[Speck via CC]

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