Archos Cranks Out $300 10-inch Android Tablet

Archos has just release a bunch of new Archos Android tablets, but we are focusing on the 10-1 model that has the most interesting feature in this article. Archos 10-1 android tablet features 10.1-inch large screen, super slim design, metal frame, 16:9 aspect ratio for better video viewing purpose and extra-ordinary pricing at $300 that guarantee to shock Apple iPad for sure.


I can’t categorized this new toy from Archos as the next iPad Killer, however, this Archos 10-1 android tab has been equipped with accelerometer, auto-360 degree orientation just like iPad, and the system will be running Google Android 2.2 Froyo when the version has become wide available. For touchscreen hater, Archos 10-1 allow you to navigate though the menu and option via voice-control, which I think it’s pretty interesting if you are lazy to move your fingers around.

The downside that is pretty obvious is on the apps market. Currently on Android Apps market, that’s only about 5,000+ of apps which looks pretty a small number when comparing to Apple iPad apps that has reached 25,000!

However, if you are looking for just another great alternative without taking the apps into the count, this 16 ounces Archos 10-1 android tablet worth the second look.

For more details of other models including this Archos 10-1 tablet, head on over to DVICE.

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