Dyson Air-Multiplier Fan: Hard-Cloned In China

Hope you still remember that revolutionary hollow faced bladeless fan by Dyson. It’s been cloned in China, and the clone is completely the same, even the buttons, tilts and turns are the same way as Dyson Multiplier Fans.


The clone-maker is from China, or to be specific it’s from a company called Abiko. This fake one is working just like the real Dyson, and some has reported that the company has added some more power to the fan to keep it better than the real dyson fan. True or not, we haven’t found the proof yet. But as for pricing, the cloned version is slightly cheaper.

However, at the level of $223 (compared with the legit Dyson Air Multiplier fan at $300), it doesn’t sounds like a great deal at all. Especially it’s a un-legit stuff. Unless the $50 model is really just that without any more additional fee, I will never pick one for myself. :)

You might never found this fans selling on the US street though, and I guess people will opt for the legit one since they’ll get the product support and warranty from Dyson.

[via Crunchgear, Crave, SlashGear]

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