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The new toy from Sony is going to arrive soon, some might feel exciting about it and want it so badly. However, it’s always a right choice to do some more research and reading more reviews from the expert before betting your money on the table, since we consider the new controller is going to be an expensive investment (where you must buy a lot of peripherals in the future and each player should have one or two of them to play game).

Engadget has done their in-depth review on this Sony Playstation Move controller, including their perspectives on the performance and how the controller react to each Move-compatible games like Sports Championship, EyePet, Heavy Rains, SOCOM 4 and so on.

Their review is absolutely showing some positive responses when compared to Nintendo Wii in effectiveness and accuracy. However, there are still some lacking, not on the controller, but it’s on the pricing matter. The bundle package will cost you $100 a pop, while if you want a second Move controller you’ll have to stack another $50, and double it for two.

Since Sony PlayStation 3 is capable of supporting up to 4 PlayStation Move controllers, you’ll have to stack another $100 for 4-players game. Kind of expensive and the price hasn’t included all necessary accessories to make the game even ‘better’ that will be released in the future (similar to Wii’s peripherals).

While the technology might seems interesting and fun with 1:1 motion-mapping, the price that you have to pay might a little bit higher than you can expected

Hit this link to read the full review on Engadget.

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