HyperDrive: The Hard Drive That Adds 750GB Extra Space For Your iPad

Feeling the iPad’s 64GB Internal storage limited for your needs? Get one of this new HyperDrive from HyperMac. It will give you a LOT more room for your media files and data. As much as 750GB will be added to the count, and it will be connected to your iPad via Apple’s camera connection kit.


HyperDrive is not just a mere extra space for your iPad, it can also can detect 12 different memory cards via its built-in memory card reader. The HyperDrive features 3.2-inch color display and a navigation buttons to control the function.

HyperDrive is set to be available for $249 without the hard drive, or if you want to get the maximum capacity of 750GB, you’ll have to pay $599.

[Product Page via Pocket Lint]

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