IBM Shouts: We Have The World’s Fastest 5.2GHz CPU!

It might be pretty overwhelming, but that’s the fact offered by IBM. They’ve just claimed the world’s title of the fastest CPU ever made until today. At the level of 5.2GHz, the IBM’s Z196 Processor could obviously run anything you throw at it in miliseconds count.


Looking back to my laptop, it’s really pitiful at the level of 2.53Ghz only. And it’s about twice as fast as a 2.66Ghz Processor! IBM is using 45nm fabrication technology to give birth to this new speed demon that is standing at the top of the world right now.

The processor itself features 1.4 billion of transistors and it’s going to crunch more than 50 millions of instructions every second. Imagine if you can undress and dress yourself 50 millions time in one second. That’s a BIG WOW. :)

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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