iPod Touch 4th Gen Teardown By iFixit

If you’ve ever wonder what’s inside the iPod Touch 4th Generation, iFixit is going to show us the details. Like usual, they’ve just grabbed the new gadget – iPod Touch 4th Generation and tear it down artistically.


According to the crew at iFixit, the iPod Touch 4th Gen is practically lighter and thinner, has come with durable metal back panel and cheaper pricing. However, The the lack of iPod TOuch 4th Generation is the 256MB RAM which is the half size of iPhone 4, no vibration mode and no GPS option.

Head on to iFixit for the details on the tear down process.

[via GadgetVenue]

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  • jonny

    i would like to know the name or how could i find the little bar metal thing that holds the power flex cable ,, [email protected]

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