NVIDIA Roll Outs Bunch Of High-Performing Mobile GPUs

The mobile gaming market is getting interesting day by day. With the support from the world’s leading gaming graphic card manufacturer (NVIDIA), now laptop gamers can enjoy an even faster graphical performance from NVIDIA GPU 400M series.


According to NVIDIA, the 400M series graphic card can perform about 40% faster than the previous 300M series with significant boost in the fps rating. There total of 7 new series approved and appeared in the list, where the series that fall into the ‘affordable range’ is including GT 445M, GT435M, GT425M, GT 420M and GT 415M.

The rest of two series, which is the GTX 460M and GTX 470M is considered as the highest-end mobile CPUs with the most complete features including 40nm fab process, DirectX 11 enabled, CUDA general-purpose computing abilities, PhysX-support, and Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching. See the tables below for more details:



However, both NVIDIA GTX 460M and GTX 470M GPUs can be found on ‘super high-end’ gaming laptop only. No idea who’s gonna get to this GPUs first, but it’s certainly won’t be a wallet-friendly piece of system.

[via Engadget]

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