Samsung VC-PL62W Robot Vacuum Cleaner Fully Equipped With Surveillance Camera

Samsung VC-PL62W, the new robot vacuum cleaner from Samsung is going to be a suitable candidate of substituting your old roomba cleaning robot. Beside it could clean your floor from dirt and dust, Samsung VC-PL62W is equipped with a surveillance camera to spy around the cleaning zone.


There is no further details yet on the specification of this Samsung VC-PL62W, but we have come to know that the robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled via remote control, unlike Roomba that is fully automated in doing its jobs. And the best of all, the surveillance camera can be hooked up with your PC or smartphones so you can monitor the condition of your room in real-time!

Samsung VC-PL62W Robot Vacuum Cleaner is now available in South Korea for 799,000 Won or it’s about $684 USD, excluding the cute Korean girl for sure! :)

[via Samsung Hub]

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