iPod Nano 6G is A Wrist Watch!

People are just so clever in making a twist to create something new from an existing product. The latest iPod Nano 6G which is well known of its mini size of touchscreen gadget has been transformed into something new just by adding a Nylon bands!


Yep, the iPod Nano 6G has been is not only your loyal audio player right now. It can be used as your handy super hi-tech wrist watch that is very chic and stylish.



Created by CountryComm, they called it “Apple Watch” in short. Pretty a good call, and the installation is not difficult too! Just clip-on the 22mm Maratac Nylon Single Piece band and it’s good to go. There several variety of nylon band that you can choose, and there is also a pouch called Maratac Lighter Case that you can store the iPod Nano 6G along with the Nylon band easily.

Head on to Countrycomm for more information.

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