Kensington PowerBack iPad Battery Pack Is Available for Pre-Order


The Kensington mini battery pack charger for iPhone that we have here was a popular stuff and it’s still one of the top product that we have sold so far. Now they’ve just rolled out the newer version for iPad, guess is time for them to make the jump too, the device is called PowerBack iPad Battery pack that serves as the iPad stand/holder and giving more juice to the iPad as well.

Well, guess what. This is the first battery pack for iPad ever blogged here. I can say Kensington has done their job well in following up the trends. The PowerBack is claimed to be able to give another 5 hours or extra battery life to your iPad with its 4400mAh built-in battery, and you can let your iPad stand properly in landscape and portrait position with its built-in metal kickstand.


To recharge the power, Kensington provided a microUSB port in the PowerBack iPad Battery Pack so you can easily find place to recharge. It just need a USB cable to do the job.

Pretty cool. However, if I have to mention the downside, Kensington PowerBack iPad Battery pack might not so friendly with your iPad if you’ve already have another case installed, and the battery pack is obviously gonna add up some thickness to your slimline iPad.

If you are interested, just go ahead to Kensington to pre-order PowerBack for £129.99.

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