Mitsubishi Preps 100-inch Diamond Vision OLED Modular Display

mitsubishi-diamond-vision-oled-display-hdtvIn preparation to shock the world with their display technology, Mitsubishi is getting ready to launch their 100-inch or larger display on this September 21st. We have told you that Mitsubishi crews has found the way to give the consumer the ‘unlimited size’ of hdtv screen last year using their modular display technology. And yes, Mitsubishi is now trying to fulfill their promises by releasing their first expandable display to the mass!

No idea how much it would cost, but the step has been taken by Mitsubishi to invade the market. Obviously, the one who would like to use this type of modular OLED display is the advertisement companies, or those rich jerks that love to launch a party with big display on the pool side. :)

About the Diamond Vision OLED display, it’s a modular display consist of small modules, where each module can display 128×128 pixels resolution with the dimension of 234mm x 234mm.

The small module enable users to add up as many as module as they like to achieve the biggest screen of their capability.
Here is a video showing in the past year that clearly illustrated how this modular display work:

According to TechChee, Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED display has a great brightness level at 1,200cd/m2 and it has an impressive contrast ratio (about twice as much as a LED).

expect to get more news on this topic on the launching day on September 21th.

[OLED-info via TechChee]

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