Two Sided Triangle Dumbbell-Looking LED Watch Concept


This is certainly a fun design for a futuristic watch, the type of watch that always carrying the name of Tokyoflash from Japan. Yep, this Two sided triangle LED watch concept might just become the next timepiece stocking in Tokyoflash’s inventory because the idea was just submitted by a Switzerland designer, Leuenberger Stéphane.

If Tokyoflash approved this idea and start making it, you’ll see it selling soon in the store. However, it’s still too early to tell if they will accept such a tech-fashion watch. According to the designer, this watch concept is more onto the fashion appeal rather than technical appeal. Up to date, watches from Tokyoflash is pretty much all for the technical edges. If they pick up this design, it’s mean they are going all out on tech fashion as well.


However, even though it’s focusing on fashion, the watch is still pretty alien-tech and hard to figure out the time if you don’t read the manual book carefully. I’d say that the designer did not fail in offering the technical touch in this watch design.

“12 and 9 are multiples of 3 which is why i’m going for the triangular shape. I’m going more for fashion appeal rather than for technical appeal. I’ve tried to respect the symmetry of the watch.”

Head on to Tokyoflash’s blog to find more details.

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