Intel Introduces Clamshell Classmate PC For The Kids

Looking for laptop for kids? It’s good for them to know computer from the early age, but you know, they’re not as careful as us when using electronic devices. So if you can find a waterproof laptop for them, that would be better. Intel has just revealed such kind of laptop made exclusively for kids, what they call as the Clamshell Classmate PC.


This Clamshell Classmate PC is properly protected with a rugged case, it can resist from 70 cm drops and about 100cc of liquid spills on the keyboard. And if you are picky and care about hygiene of your children, this Intel Clamshell Classmate PC has been coated with an anti-microbial coating on the keyboard, and the touchpad as well. This means microorganisms won’t be easily grow in the keyboard or touchpad, but cleaning the Classmate PC regularly is still recommended.


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