Haier Flex and Haier View XL iPad Dock Station

Haier, the popular company from China has made two new accessories for Apple iPad. Known as the Haier Flex (IPD-01) and Haier View XL (IPD-100), both of the are docking stations for iPad which has come complete with multimedia equipment such as built-in speaker, AUX input, video output (component) and a remote control.


To be exact, Haier Flex has a flexible docking station, where you can enjoy docking your iPad in three different positions. This includes the position where you can type on the iPad conveniently in ergonomic position, a portrait mode for reading, and landscape mode docking for watching Hulu or movies/videos.


Meanwhile, Haier View XL offers a 25 watt speakers, FM tuner, two docking mode (landscape/portrait) while you can charge the iPad, and you can also push the iPad content to your TV Screen thanks to the built-in video output.


Haier View XL is going to cost you $129.99 in this November, while Haier Flex is going to cost you lower at $79.99 in November as well.

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