iArm Forearm Mount – Looks Great, But…

Take a look at this new accessory that looks pretty promising and cool for those who’ve bunch of stuffs to bring around.


It basically providing a mounting on your forearm, weight just in 4.5 lbs with fully adjustable size. It’s kind of multi-mounting device that let you carry up to 3 gadget at a time. Such as, you can host anything from iPad, kindle, remote control, cell phones and even a… plate full of food.

Wha? wait a minute. What the heck a plate full of food doing there?!

Oh man, this gadget looks so interesting, but it turn out this iArm Forearm Mount is just like that iHand for iPhone 4 – it’s a Prank!


The only different is, this iArm Forearm mount is available for purchase for $8 only and you can make it as a prank gift for your friends. It would be a super gift for April Fool next year because this stuff is going to release in October 15th. If you care to tease your friends, this cheap little prank should be a good idea.

[More details: Prankpack]

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