$170 Insignia Infocast Hack Gives You A New Tablet PC

Want a cost effective tablet PC that won’t make a big hole in your pocket? Check out this new guide that let you turn an Insignia Infocast Internet media display into a fully usable tablet complete with the keyboard (using Mac keyboard).


For $170 only (for buying the Insignia Infocast), you can get a tablet with 800Mhz processor, 2GB memory, 8-inch display, Wi-Fi connection, and two USB 2.0 ports. Hey, that’s not too shabby! The system will be running Linux 2.6 OS, ans with a little bit of hack, you can bring this Insignia Infocast away from the wall socket and touts it around with modded battery pack.

For full instruction, please head on to Bunnie’s blog or Chumby Wiki. Quite a good weekend DIY project.

[via Hack-a-day]

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