Ninja Throwing Star iPad Decal

Have you heard about the news where Steve Jobs, the Apple’s CEO got pissed off in at the airport where the security secured his Ninja Throwing stars? Oh I’m pitty of him. But perhaps because of him, the Shurikens / Ninja Throwing star might have a sales boom for Steve Jobs fans and he would likely to get bunch of these killing tools sent to his office as a gift! :)


Well, if you are not likely to buy a stars for Steve Jobs, you can still anticipate with this new ‘trend’ by equipping your iPad with a Ninja Throwing Star decals!

For $4 only, you can get this cool and simple Ninja Throwing Star iPad decal from LastFuse, Etsy. It’s also available for Macbook if you need one.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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