Photofast Unveils PowerDrive-LSI PCIe SSD Drive – It’s Fast!

Photofast has just released a new SSD drive called PowerDrive-LSI that uses PCI-express x8 interface for transferring data. According to Photofast, but harnessing the PCI-Express x8 interface, the PowerDrive-LSI PCIe SSD Drive can speeding on the level of 1400MB/s (read speed) and 1500MB/s (write speed). Wow, 1Gigs per second is fast. A HD movies could be transferred in just seconds count!


The PowerSrive-LSI is using MLC (multi-level cell) NAN Flash memory chips, internal RAID, 512MB DDR2 cache memory, available in 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, MTBF about 1,500,000 hours, and it’s coming with one-year warranty.

PhotoFast PowerDrive-LSI PCIe SSD drive will start shipping on October 2010.

[via GeekyGadgets, Winarco]

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