Crestron iPanel: The Ultimate Home Remote Control Peripheral For iPad

Another cool peripheral for iPad has been slide-out by Crestron called the Crestron iPanel. This new addons for iPad is not just a dummy stuff that you can purchase for $5 or $50. It’s an expensive piece of peripheral that will blows some additional functionality the the mighty Apple iPad.


Like what you’ve seen above, this Crestron iPanel can basically turn your iPad into an ultimate remote to control your household electronics. The Crestron iPanel is like a case with additional buttons at both sides, where it will host the iPad in the landscape position.

Without the iPad, the Crestron iPanel can still be used, however, after adding iPad onto the provided slot, the whole iPad is now your personal hi-tech remote control that can hook up with most of gadgets at your home. There are 13 dedicated buttons provided in order to help users navigate easily and I think it’s certainly good. However, for a steep price at $500, I’m doubt anyone would get one unless they’ve got a lot of money to burn.

[via CrunchGear, CEPro]

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