Eight19 Intros New Flexible And Rollable Organic Solar PV Technology


A new company called Eight19 is currently developing a new organic solar PV technology where they are going to build a solar panel using a flexible transparent material that is rollable like a paper. This mean if Eight19 successfully rolled out this new Organic Solar PV technology, the future solar panel is some kind of a portable power generator that could be laid out when needed and rolled away when unused.

According to Eight19 company, the OPV or Organic PhotoVoltaics system is not operating like a common solar conductor. Instead, it works just like a principle of photosynthesis in plants. The shape of this new OPV solar generator would be very flexible, from a thin face paper to a big window pane or anything that you can think of. Since it’s very flexible, people can think unlimited ways of installation, even bringing the whole face of your home into a green energy generator is possible with OPV!

[via EcoFriend]

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