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HP Drops Envy 100 All-in-One Printer

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I though ‘HP Envy’ is dedicated for laptop brands, but I was wrong. Recently HP just dropped an All-in-One Printer called HP Envy 100 that can do the three print-scan-copy holy tasks and the printer itself doesn’t take up much space on the desk with the slim design. Another plus point is on the paper trays. You can’t seems to find the trays installed on this HP Envy 100 All-in-One Printer at all from the picture above. The trays have been properly hidden and it will extend and retract mechanically like a CD tray on a desktop’s optical drive.


This HP Eny 100 All-in-One Printer call print black color at 30ppm while color printing is slower at 25ppm, as always. However, HP Envy 100 features zero PVC materials in building the printer, which mean it’s an eco-friendly printer that could be easily recycle and reduce waste.

You would also found a 3.45-inch touchscreen display over at the middle position, easily for navigation and with HP’s TouchSmart integrated control panel, you can use the touchscreen panel for browsing and installing web apps. It looks great if it has a wireless connectivity, but it doesn’t look like one. We will need more information to figure out how this printer hook up with the PC and internet before judging further.

According to the source, HP Envy 100 will cost $249 when it’s available on October 4th. Kind of a pricey printer to have, but the extend and retract mechanism is pretty inviting.

[via CNET]
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