Lenovo Lepad Android Tablet Could Be Available In This December 2010!

Earlier on July, we have told you that Lenovo LePad android tablet is going to hit the market in this end of 2010. Yes, that news told the truth. Lenovo has slipped out some news telling us their LePad is going to hit the shelf in December 2010!


While the full details has not yet revealed by Lenovo, Roland over at Geeky Gadgets has stated that Lenovo LePad is going to have a netbook size screen at 10.1-inch and it’s powered by Google Android OS, obviously.

The processor speed shouldn’t be far from 1GHz or 1.2Ghz, unless the LePad is using Atom N550 1.5Ghz, that would be cool.

But there is no certainty yet, so we can’t tell you for sure what’s hiding beneath the LePad’s touchscreen.

[via GeekyGadgets]

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  • Theproles

    Why do they insist on using these super shiny screens? I mean I can purchase a cheap matte screen cover for my droid X, maybe it will be possible to do the same for these new tablets.

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