Orb: Mini WiFi Music Streamer With a ‘String’ Attached

Orb is a Mini Wi-Fi Music Streamer that would streams music from PC or WiFi-capable smartphone. All you have to do is to fit in a speaker and it will play the songs on your PC or smartphones wirelessly.


However, there is a ‘string’ attached on this offer. The creator of Orb WiFi Music Streamer may have known that most PC users might have equipped themselves with a quality wireless speaker that require no Orb accessories addons at all. However, on WiFi-capable cell phones users, this gadget might just become useful when they need a cost effective wireless speaker that can tune the songs on their phones.

So, especially for Smartphones users who want to stream their cell phone songs to this Orb, they’ll have to purchase an additional App as the controller that will cost $10. The Orb Wifi Music streamer itself will cost $69, so overall it would cost buyer $79 (plus the apps).

This is weird. I’m not sure if this is a bad marketing or what, but they should just make the price $79 in the first place and offering the Apps for FREE. That should sound better in consumer’s eyes, and they’ll not feel as if it’s been forced to buy the apps if they want to use it on a cell phone.

The Orb Mini WiFi Music Streamer looks like a great gadget though, so if you have no problem with the ‘string’ and are interested to own one, hit the Orb link below for more information.

[Orb via DVice]

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