Pixel Qi to Launch 7-inch Low Power, High Contrast Display On 2011


I’m quite a pixel Qi fans, so I’m pretty happy to hear that the company is going to improve their display and soon to offer the 7-inch version that claimed to work on a low-power condition, while promising the dual-mode displays like usual. This news was announced by the founder, Mary Lou Jepsen.

The shipping date is expected to be around the Q2 of 2011, however, Pixel Qi display samples could be requested if manufacturers need to include this energy saving sunlight-viewable display by the end of 2010. The 7-inch model will be made available as the solution for tablet PC, while the existing 10-inch display is focusing on attacking the netbook market.

Like what you may have known about Pixel Qi display, this E-ink display is capable of switching between two modes, offering a backlight-on and backlight-off mode. On the Off mode, the screen will turn itno a grayscale, or e-ink mode that consume about 20% power of a normal LCD.

[via Liliputing]

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