Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller Tear Down

As usual, anything new and great that’s gone through the iFixit lab will be torn down. This is also the same with the new Sony PlayStation Move controller that was just launched several days ago. Like always, they’ve properly separated all elements inside the PlayStation Move, and describe it out loud to us, the non-bravery gamers (who just can’t bear to tear down our own new shiny Move controller) about what’s hidden inside that black plastic lollipop enclosure.


Unlike Wiimotes that use IR sensor to track the controller, Sony PlayStation Move using PlayStation Eye to track the controller in 3D Space. The PlayStation Eye could also track the X/Y positions and differentiate the controller using the glowing sphere and pinpoint the location.

Inside the controller, you can also found Gyroscope, Accelerometer, bluetooth transmitter, vibration motor, and MEMS compass. Most likely a component that you can find it on the modern smartphones. I haven’t tried it myself, but 19 out of 19 buyers at Amazon rate it 5 stars!

Oh, can’t wait to play with this new lollipop toy. :)

[iFixit via Gadgetlite]

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