A Digital eBook That Looks Just Like A Real Book [Concept]


Karim Zaouai from French has rolled out a new design of a modern digital ebook that looks just like a real book with two face of e-ink display. A dual touchscreen tablet display like Toshiba Libretto is no more a strange stuff. But dual e-ink screen for reading ebook that enclosed in a book-like shape is certainly new.

The digital ebook has got no reasonable brand name yet (until someone pick this design up), but I should give a thumb up for the design because it looks very interesting. If this type of ebook reader ever exist now, Kindle might struggling hard in the ebook reader market. The demonstration below show us that the digital ebook has a slider button, where you can slide it fast to scroll through the library, and push the scroll to select the book to read.

According to Karim Zaouai, this ebook reader is going to have an internal storage, as well as the capability to go online wirelessly to buy new ebooks. Too bad there is no mention about the touchscreen matter, which I think it would be wonderful if this ebook reader has got a touchscreen too.

[DesignBoom via TechFresh]

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