LovePress++: A Wii Massage Game That Uses Balance Board To Massage The Virtual Girls


Crazy echi coders from Kanagawa Institute of Technology (Japan) has just invented a game that would let you become the masseur of your virtual girlfriend by using a Wii’s balance board. There are three characters could be used, Suzuka, Shiori and Yuko. They will have their own personality to share, and response to each massage spot uniquely.

This game is kind of the one that we should categorized as NSFW type, but we are not sure yet. However, according to DVICE, the character can response to your massages like “No, I believe you are gentle…”, or when you’ve touch the unholy spot it will shout “Stop! Where are you touching?”.

It might become pretty fun if you are a lonewolf in your apartment, and it could be a damn-fine game if you are an Japanese Otaku. See the following video for the explanation.

[LovePress++][ASIAJin via DVICE]

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