Growing And Increasing: Amazon US Has Over 700,000 books For Kindle!

Bookworms should go jumping happy because they can read more than 700,000 books on their kindle right now. Just pay a little of money per ebook and they should be able to lurk around the e-books for months or years without meeting with the bright sun outdoor. :)


Well, the fact is saying Amazon US has around 700,000 ebooks ready to sell, and the number is increasing steadily. The figures was achieved just about three weeks time, where in the past 3 weeks the library has got 670,000 books only. Oh, that’s mean Kindle readers can get all over 10,000 new ebooks each week to stuffed to their brain! Oh that’s overwhelming.

This also means that the hard cover books market is going to be substituted sooner or later, and Kindle ebook reading machine is going to be sold like a hot cake in this decade. So if you haven’t own your own Kindle yet, it’s always not too late to have one now, considering Amazon kind is $139 only.

[via TechCrunch]

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