AVADirect X7200 Gaming Laptop

AVADirect has made a new gaming laptop available under their name, and it’s dubbed as X7200. So, what’s special in this AVADirect x7200 gaming laptop?


According to the merchant, AVADirect X7200 is claimed as the fastest desktop replacement laptop that ever existed. Which mean you won’t find its match for the similar desktop replacement that has the similar price mark.

AVADirec X7200 gaming laptop has been powered by six-core Intel CPU, gets the treatment of NVIDIA GTX 480M GPU in SLI mode with total of 4GB GDDR5 RAM, 12GB triple channel DDR3 RAM and 1TB of SSD Storage. Wow.

The basic rigs of AVADirect X7200 will cost about $2,700 and up depending on what you want to stuffed in the system.

[via SlipperyBrick]

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