Nintendo Wiimote + Motion Plus = Wiimote Plus [Leak]

That’s right, The Wiimote with motion plus is now known as the Wiimote plus because the motion controller will have the motion plus squeezed inside the Wiimote. That’s mean beside you’ll have no need to pull out your pocket to get the accessory (save more money if you have multiple controllers), it also mean that the controller is going smarter, more accurate and shorter dimension.


Recently this new Wiimote Plus controller has been posted at Gamestop, but it’s has been removed right now. However, crews over at Kotaku has captured the image for us, and it turn out Nintendo is going to release the new controller in a bundle with a new fun looking game called FlingSmash.

There is no further details after the removal, but we can hope the see this stuff appear once again in the nearest holidays season aka Christmas.

[Geeky Gadgets via SlashGear, Kotaku, Dvice]

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