Aphelion Clock Concept: Alarm That Throw Ball At You

Sleepy heads might find waking up in the morning their biggest problem in their life. That’s why they’ve armed themselves with various kind of alarm clocks to knock themeselves out of their bed before running late to work. However, it seems regular alarm clock is not their stuff anymore. They can just hit the button to stop the morning war-cry and continue their sleep. That’s why a new alarm should be invented, and that’s where Aphelion Clock concept appear!


This is the unique alarm clock design that guarantee you to wake up in annoyance, but also make sure you are awake sitting in your bed complaining the cruel day. The Aphelion Clock will shoot a ball when the alarm goes off, and the only way to stop the alarm is to find the ball and put it back to the holder. It sounds like an easy task but believe me, it’s very difficult when you’ve just woke up and force to do the searching. And that’s also the reason that you should really fully awake to find the ball or the alarm won’t stop crying out loud!




Interesting clock concept. The designer even has added a Radio Tuner and MP3 player input, and a large display to show the clock.

[via TheDesignBlog]

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