Sharp Drops Galapagos e-Reader Tablets


Sharp, a pretty old player in the electronic market has jumped onto the e-reader market with their Galapagos e-readers. Instead of trying to find their own stand inside the crowded Tablet PC market, Sharp has make their own new twist to be the purple cow in the niche. Their new Galapagos e-reader is a combination of tablet and ebook reader, where you will get a colorful screen (minus the touchscreen), trackball for navigation and capable of hooking up with the WiFi Hotspot (802.11b/g) to get content from the web.

There are two versions of Sharp Galapagos. Both of the share the similar specification, to only thing to separate them is the screen size.



One of them is 5.5-inch LCD screen that support 1,024 x 600p resolution, while the other one is bigger at 10.8-inch LCD screen supporting 1,366 x 800p resolution, which is best for reading full color magazine content in two-page spread.

Hopefully, we will be able to see this Sharp Galapagos e-reader tablets starting selling in the upcoming months.

[via TechFresh, SlipperyBrick, The Cool Gadgets and CrunchGear]

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