Smart Sizzors: Multi-Purpose Scissors That Can Cut Through Bones

Over at Gizoo, they are selling the so called World’s smartest scissors called “Smart Sizzors“. Whether if this scissor is the smartest or not, I don’t know. Since it has no brain, I can’t figure out its IQ. :)


But as far as a tool, this scissor is pretty a jack-of-all-trade. Beside it could cut tough materials like wires or bones, the Smart Sizzors can be used to crack nuts, crush garlic, open bottles and it has an adjustable tension for cutting through tougher stuffs.



Soft grip at the both end, so you can rest assure your fingers won’t turn red when cutting tough stuffs like bones. If you like multi-purpose gadget, this Smart Sizzors might fall into your shopping list for this weekend. The Smart Sizzors is pretty cheap, too!

For just GBP9.95, you can have one of it. Interested? Go to Gizoo for more details.

[via The Cool Gadgets]

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