TokyoFlash Optical Illusion Watch Concept

If you are familiar with Optical Illusion image, this new watch concept for Tokyoflash won’t be a problem for you to figure out the time. However, if you’ve never learn about the tips tricks to read an optical illusion image, this watch concept will make you headache as soon as looking into the line of ‘maze’.


Now, can you tell me what time is it on the watch above?

It’s 05.35, you can read the time if you know the characteristic of the optical illusion on the watch. It’s really confusing if you don’t know how, and staring too long on such an illusion might make you crazy. However, the watch concept is pretty generous though. Even if we know that Tokyoflash’s watches are all confusing as hell, but this new concept has provided a one push button to reveal the time without much hassle (if you’ve gave up figuring the time).


Pretty cool, but we just don’t know yet if this concept could make through to the production stage.

[Tokyoflash via Winarco, ChipChick]

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