3rd Gen Of Murata Girl Robot Gets Upgraded With Ability To Ride Unicycle On A Curved Shaped Beam

murata-girl-unicycle-bike-rider-robotIf you stay quite awhile in the robotic world, you might have known the cute little Murata girl robot that ride on a unicycle while balancing herself from dropping. This Murata Girl robotic unicyclist is now hitting the third version.

Unlikely its predecessors where it can only move backward or forward in a straight line beam, the third version now can balance herself while riding through a lightly curved S-shaped balance beam! Pretty a great improvement from the previous model. However, the third version still cannot turning around to make another circus job, but it’s been a great work already!

This Murata Girl robotic unicycle rider is going to be on its very own show at the upcoming CEATEC Show in October 2010. We’ll keep you reported on this topic!

[via PlasticPals]

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