EVs To Have Invisible Batteries Installed On Car’s Body

This is a great news for EV (Electric Vehicle) fans. You might have known that the biggest drawback of an EV cars is the bulky battery that should be hosted at some corner of the EV car, which mean it will eat up space that should be able to give you more storage room. However, the recent research has come up with a better concept where the battery could be store in the body of the car’s, like the door leaves or car’s roof!


The idea is popping out from Volvo crews, whose trying hard to figure out ways to embedded the battery without costing too much space. So finally, they’ve found the way to invisibly install battery (and double up the amount of battery) to the body without forking out a dedicated space for the battery itself. However, there is one problem that is pretty critical. If the car’s hit or having accident, it’s likely the battery will be damaged or exploded.

Volvo is still perfecting this concept, and with the collaboration with Imperial College of London on materials development project, it seems they are going to turn even the frame of the car (or the entire car) as an ultra-light battery running on four wheels. Sounds like the EV car is getting a brighter future if they can find ways to prevent explode or harder shell to protect the car when accidents happen.

[via Gizmodo]

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